Nitty Scott, MC – ”I Feel Like Africa” | Video Diary

Nitty Scott, MC isn’t just an MC, she’s also a poet. In this video, from a new diary series recorded in preparation for the iTunes release of her Boombox Diaries Vol. 1 EP, she celebrates turning 21 with a unique coming-of-age verse.

“I Feel Like Africa” sees Nitty Scott use the African continent as an extended metaphor to describe her present state. The short, spoken-word poem flows seamlessly with neat internal rhyme schemes and vivid images, showing Miss Scott’s talent as a wordsmith and her eye for a memorable image.

The verse is a rumination on being an artist, being young, and being African-American. One splendidly crafted line sees her draw links between her craft and that of the traditional storyteller, whilst another compares her character to that of an African escaping his or her shackles. The best line, “I am brave and misbehave, like a runaway slave, who came back to set the plantation ablaze,” could be a rap line, but it’s also more than just another bar.

On the cusp of adulthood, staring into the boom-box (her own campfire), Nitty Scott, MC is on the brink of something huge – discovery. That would be the biggest birthday present of them all.

Watch the video below: