G.R.E.Ed.S : Get Familiar

G.R.E.Ed.S (Generating Rhymes to Engage the Enlightened Soul) is a British Nigerian Spoken Word artist from London. Quite well known and well loved within London’s underground live music and poetry circuits, G.R.E.Ed.S has been creating and performing glorious spoken word/music for over three years and it is simply about time this music reaches the masses.

He recently held a launch “party” for his debut EP with renowned five-piece band The Remedies, titled Ready. Infusing elements from Reggae to Rock to Hip Hop to Soul to Dubstep and everything in between, the seven-track Ready EP is a beautiful and powerful fusion of poetry, spoken word and music that not only represents G.R.E.Ed.S’ abundant artistry and creativity but also works as a body of music on all levels but alas, this is not a music review.

The orchestrator, G.R.E.Ed.S is not only an immensely talented wordsmith and lyricist but also a very engaging and compelling performer – on stage and on record – and having received early airplay on the likes of BBC 1Xtra and graced the popular ILUVLIVE music showcase in London (one of only two Spoken Word artists to achieve this feat apparently), G.R.E.Ed.S’ unique sound of Spoken Word/Music fusion – reminiscent of the late great Gil Scott-Heron – is poised to propel him into a much wider audience and space in 2012.

Whether it be on the Dubstep-infused “Aura” which is produced by Stinkahbell [I so wish this would become his next single because of its massive potential] or the high energy Rock-tinged “Riot” which features Joshua Idehen (Benin City) and Haydn (The Stow), the Reggae-influenced “There She Goes” or the seductively soulful Wilson-featured “Only Me”, G.R.E.Ed.S passionately shows exactly why – with much creativity, lyrical dexterity, great delivery, excellent dissonance, finesse, artistry and craftsmanship – we should pay great attention to him, his words, his art and his movement.

G.R.E.Ed.S online: iamgreeds.com / facebook / twitter / youtube