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Microsoft retiring Messenger, migrating 100m+ users to Skype | Tech News

November 8th, 2012 | by Seán J. Grannum
Microsoft retiring Messenger, migrating 100m+ users to Skype | Tech News

Having long been in decline since the rise of Facebook chat and other popular instant message offerings, Microsoft is retiring Messenger everywhere apart from mainland China and migrating it’s 100m+ users to Skype, which it acquired in May of last year.

In a recent Skype blog post, the company noted that the move began with Skype’s 6.0 update, allowing users to sign in with a Microsoft account giving them a new Skype one. Messenger users looking to move to Skype will be able to merge their accounts and find their buddy list brought over automatically.

With the migration The Next Web reports that Microsoft also hopes to make it clearer that Skype is not just a program for video-calls, instead being a communication platform that goes beyond a single program, similar to how Bing has been presented as more than just a search engine, becoming a tool used on numerous devices and in various areas for searching and sorting.

While it’s great that Microsoft acknowledging Messenger’s decline and consolidating two programs that many considered to offer same thing, Skype isn’t without it’s problems that may be holding it back; namely the inability to delete your account, with Skype only allowing you to abandon it and replace your details with fake ones, an issue users have raised since years ago. Aside from that, as group video calls still require users to purchase a premium account many have opted to instead use Google+ Hangouts which lets users video chat with up to nine people for free.