YouTube has announced that it now has 1 billion monthly viewers, a steady increase on the 800 million month viewers the video-website reached in October 2011.

The announcement, made at YouTube Pulse (a company event in Los Angeles to highlight YouTube’s premium channels to potential advertisers) put the company in the same league as Facebook in terms of audience, which also achieves 1 billion monthly users.

Robert Kyncl, Google’s head of content partnerships, stated that YouTube’s billion viewers are also spending more time on the media platform. “Our consumption grew by 50%. When you look at the total number of users, that didn’t grow by 50%.” he said.

As reported by Billbord, music was one of a number of pivotal genres that YouTube highlighted at the event, and the company spoke about the power of cover songs as a way to engage fans in a two-way conversation, with artists such as a Gotye creating a music video mashup of the covers of his popular song “Somebody That I Used to Know.’

At the event YouTube also noted that mobile traffic on the website has increased, and now accounts for 25% of views on the platform. Although the company didn’t state the percentage of revenue the website is generating from it’s mobile products it implied that it was not yet at 25% but is growing quickly. Having released dedicated apps for iPhone and iPad in the past year, I’m sure YouTube will reach that target soon.