Following reports of a rift between Twitter and Instagram, the photo-sharing service has cut off all support for the site.

If you’re a frequent tweeter then you’ve probably noticed that tweets with Instagram image-links in them no longer show the image when expanded, with the only way to view them being to click on the link and be taken to the Instagram website.

In a blog post Twitter confirmed the controversial move: “Instagram has disabled photo integration with Twitter. As a result, photos are no longer appearing in Tweets or user photo galleries. While tweeting links to Instagram photos is still possible, you can no longer view the photos on Twitter, as was previously the case.”

Though one might be quick to assume that Instagram was inspired to do so due to pressure from Facebook, which bought the company earlier this year, CEO and Founder Kevin Systrom has denied such talk, instead implying that the move is simply tied to Instagram’s plan to build it’s web presence.

It waits to be seen just how Twitter will respond, but rumours suggest that the company may release their own photo-filtering features as part of their website and mobile presence.