A group of hackers called “The Three Tuskateers” has published the PlayStation 3’s LV0 decryption keys, making PS3 firmware easier to decrypt and potentially opening the gateway for widespread piracy.

In the past jailbreak releases, which allow users to play pirated games and homebrew as well as install custom software, were quickly thwarted by Sony releasing software updates that users had to install to access online capabilities but this new hack means that users may be able to bypass Sony’s past and future updates and have online access regardless of what they install.

According to EuroGamer, the hackers had no intentions of releasing the keys, but were forced to when a different hacking group discovered their work and planned to release and charge a fee for it.

Sony did well for the PS3 to last this long in it’s life cycle without a complete hack, as the Wii was completely cracked a few years ago and the Xbox 360 has been having problems with hackers and piracy for a long while.

It is not yet known as to whether this will truly leave the PS3 wide open for piracy, though this may encourage Sony to speed up the release of their next console.