Beats By Dre announce new digital music service ‘Daisy’


According to sources at Digital Music News, the Beats By Dre brand is expanding its business into the digital music service market. Beats Electronics CEOs Jimmy Iovine and Luke Wood, revealed the details in a press conference with Ian Rodgers, whom they hired from Topspin to head of ‘Daisy’, their new service.

Competing in a market that already touts the popular Spotify and Pandora, among others, did not seem too daunting a task for the trio. The plan is to allow for streaming of 12 million songs on a paid subscription basis. That information by itself is slightly underwhelming considering those options are already available through existing services. However, Iovine believes sound quality will be the difference in their product.

According to Jimmy, “We have an entire generation that was brought up on sound being inferior, and sound is the only conduit for emotion that we have.  We’ve had ten very bad years in the audio industry.  So we want the best possible quality, and it will have global scale.”

Stay tuned for more information on this new development.

[Source: Digital Music News]