What was likely intended as a simple recommendation by Oprah Winfrey of Microsoft’s Surface tablet ended up giving Apple some free publicity after people noticed that her tweet of praise for the Surface was in fact sent from one of its main competitors, the iPad.

The Surface is one of her 48 favourite things for Christmas, a list Oprah has been promoting on the social networking site that also features a handful of other gadgets including Beats by Dre Powerbeats, and the tweet, posted earlier this week, highlights just how much she “loves” the newly-released device.

While the minor gaff may be an excuse to take shots at Microsoft, it actually highlights something more important. As TechCrunch has noted, Twitter hasn’t released an official app for Windows 8 just yet, with a tweet from last month suggesting that it would be released in the months ahead.

Thankfully other developers have released their own apps as substitutes to an official release, but after the most successful one, Tweetro, reached Twitter’s recently imposed limit of 100,000 users for apps using its API, Twitter denied it’s request to allow more to join.