Russell Simmons appeared on Wall Street Journal’s Weekend Conversations and spoke pretty candidly on a range of topics, including his spirituality, hip hop, business and his forthcoming reality TV show, ‘Running Russell Simmons’.

“I found that reality shows are really good places to inspire people, uplift them, or give them good ideas,” Simmons told Lee Hawkins of the Wall Street Journal. “They’re not being used as vehicles for that so much. I thought that I might be able to do a reality show and speak about animal rights, gay rights and issues in the hood. We cover all those subjects and more.”

Simmons also spoke about the music industry and his disconnection with the current industry climate.

“I’ve been out of the music business for a long time,” Simmons admitted. “I really don’t know what to do with iTunes. I don’t know any more than the people in the record business do. It’s not something I can comment on.”

It’s interesting that many people still regard Russell Simmons just as a music mogul; his entrepreneurship spans much wider than the sphere of the music industry, and has done for a long time.

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