The presidential election has been the topic of discussion across the whole globe, with millions of people using social media to communicate.

After it was announced that Barack Obama had retained his presidency, his official Twitter account posted an image of him hugging his wife Michelle that you’ve no doubt seen, with the caption “four more years.” The image spread across the web like wildfire, and soon became the most retweeted image of all time, with over 800,000 retweets; smashing Justin Bieber‘s previous record.

The image was also posted on Facebook where it has an astounding 4.2m likes and rising, with over 570,000 shares, both of which are records, as noted by Starcount, the social media popularity tracker.

Twitter has confirmed that 31.7 million US election-related tweets were written on Tuesday (November 6), peaking at 327,000 per minute and breaking another record. The positive responses to Obama’s win from celebrity tweeters were also heavily shared, with Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine, Rihanna and the First Lady Michelle Obama (of course) receiving some of the highest retweet numbers.