Owners of Sugar Hill Music enter guilty pleas in tax case | Music News

The owners of Sugar Hill Music, the studio where iconic song “Rapper’s Delight” was recorded, plead guilty Thursday (March 29) to charges of failing to file tax returns from 2005-2008 that would have declared royalties from their ownership of the studio, Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

Brothers Leland, Rhondo and Joseph Robinson, the sons of Sugar Hill Records founders Sylvia and Joseph Robinson, Sr., each plead guilty to two misdemeanor counts covering a different tax year and admitted to related conduct for failing to file in two other years, BBW says. They face one year in prison on each count.

The brothers owe $1.28 million in back taxes plus interest and penalties.

Each of the brothers’ attorneys acknowledges his client’s mistake, with Joseph’s attorney Henry Klingeman citing “sloppy business practices.”

Founded in 1979, Sugar Hill Records was the home of several pioneering Hip-Hop acts including Grandmaster Flash and The Furious Five, Funky Four Plus One and Treacherous Three, and is the label responsible for the genre’s first top 40 hit, “Rapper’s Delight” by the Sugarhill Gang.
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