Odd Future gig in Boston shut down by police [Video] | Music News

Following the frenzy on Tuesday night when Earl Sweatshirt made his live debut at Odd Future‘s New York show, spirits were always going to be high in the Golf Wang camp. So much so, that the group’s show at House of Blues in Boston last night was shut down by police due to unconfirmed reports that member Lionel “L-Boy” Boyce was arrested.

“We wanted to finish [the show] but the owner of the club made us turn it off and the police are right there,” Tyler, The Creator explained, before his mic was cut and the stage lights turned off, much to the dismay of the crowd. The facts are sketchy, but reports also suggest that Jasper Dolphin was restrained by security after smoking weed on stage and attempting to jump from the venue’s balcony.

This isn’t the first time Odd Future have landed themselves in hot water with Boston police. The crew’s appearance at Newbury Comics in May last year caused mayhem, leading to the minor injury of a police officer and Tyler’s arrest.

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