Mumia Abu Jamal gives Russia Today first interview since his removal from death row [Video]

Ex Black Panther member, journalist and activist Mumia Abu Jamal has given Russian state TV news channel Russia Today his first interview since his removal from death row earlier this year.

Mumia was sentenced to the death penalty for the murder of police officer David Faulkner in 1981, but the sentenced was reversed in January and he is now set to spend life in jail without the possibility of parole.

His case is one of the most well known in American history with a number of flaws in the case used to convict him of first degree murder. Many see this as a grave miscarriage of justice, and he has garnered international support for a re-trial including from the Amnesty International.

In this 11 minute long phone interview, he speaks to Russia Today about a number of personal, political and social subjects in America affecting the world; sharing that he would love to visit Africa and France (where he has a street named after him), speaking about which movement he would have loved to be part of that he missed out on, and how his psyche has been affected being on death row for the majority of his life.

He also comments on being a symbol of the flawed justice system in American, his thoughts on the school system, the judicial system, the NDAA law and much more.

A very insightful interview with a very articulate man, watch and listen below, with a full transcript available at

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