George Zimmerman wants meeting with Trayvon Martin’s family; family says ‘not now’ | News

The parents of slain Florida teen Trayvon Martin have responded to reports that their son’s killer George Zimmerman wants a “private conversation” with them.

In an interview with Tampa Bay, Fla., news outlet News 13, Zimmerman’s attorney Mark O’Mara revealed that his client would like a private meeting with Martin’s parents Sybrina Fulton and Tracy Martin.

“I’ve talked a couple of times about the conversation that, hopefully, will occur directly to the Martin family, a private conversation,” O’Mara said.

At a press conference earlier today, Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump responded to Zimmerman’s request on behalf of his clients, saying the time is not right for such a meeting.

“Sybrina is a Christian lady and Tracy — they are good people, and there may be a time and place for that, but not now,” Crump said, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

“We believe Zimmerman’s request at this time is very self-serving, some 50 days later and a day before his bond hearing,” Crump added.

Crump also confirmed his intentions of requesting Zimmerman be denied bond at tomorrow’s hearing.

“Some crimes on their face are non-bondable offenses. Second-degree murder is one of them,” Crump said. “We didn’t just demand an arrest to have George Zimmerman give the police his fingerprints and his mug shot.”

O’Mara says that if Zimmerman is granted bond, chances are that his family won’t be able to pay it and that a legal fund would be established to help.

O’Mara also addressed the negative attention the case has been getting from around the country and the world, saying that if Zimmerman’s trail were to begin soon they would have a “very tough time” selecting an impartial jury and may need to hold the trial outside of the county in which the shooting happened. He says that while the widespread dialogue about the case is a good thing, he does not want it to interfere with the legal process.

“I think having the conversations are great and necessary for us to continue to grow as a community, as a society. If this case caused some of those conversations, great,” O’Mara said. “However, now that those conversations have begun, they should occur within their arena. They should not, in fact, de-weigh the way the criminal justice system works.”

Zimmerman’s bond hearing is scheduled for Friday. His family has filed a motion to phone in and testify on his behalf. The State Attorney’s office did not object to the motion.

Zimmerman has been in police custody since officials decided April 11 to charge him with second degree murder in Trayvon Martin’s killing.

On February 26, Zimmerman confronted and shot 17-year-old Martin after noticing him walking through the gated community at which Zimmerman was the neighborhood watch captain and deeming him “suspicious.” He is claiming self defense in the shooting.

If bond is granted and paid at tomorrow’s hearing, Zimmerman would be free until the trial begins.

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