George Zimmerman apologises to Trayvon Martin’s family [Video]

Granting his first non-court-related interview since the killing of Trayvon Martin on February 26th, George Zimmerman speaks to Fox’s Sean Hannity in an hour-long interview, which airs tonight (Wednesday July 18th) at 9pm EST. In the interview, Zimmerman offers an apology to Trayvon’s family.

“I would tell them that again, I’m sorry,” he said. “I’m sorry they buried their child. I can’t imagine what it must feel like. And I pray for them daily.”

Noting that he and his wife don’t have children, he tells of having nephews “I love more than life, I love them more than myself. And I love my children even though they’re not born yet.”

According to Fox News, Zimmerman “will open up about what happened the night of Trayvon Martin’s death and his experience in the aftermath of the fatal shooting.”

His attorney, Mark O’Mara, joins the discussion, and will address rumours about his client’s bail and finances, including $200,000 raised in donations to his site,, and reports of Zimmerman and his wife, Shellie, spending $36,000 of that on credit card bills, car payments and new mobile phones among more.

You can watch an excerpt of the interview below.

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