Dr. Cornel West arrested at ‘Occupy DC’ Supreme Court protest | News

Acclaimed author, commentator, civil rights activist and professor, Cornel West was arrested on Sunday night after refusing to leave the court with 19 other people at the Stop the Machine protest in Washington DC’s Freedom Plaza, while protesting on the steps of the Supreme Court for his part of the now worldwide ‘Occupy’ protest movement about corporate influence in politics.

An associate of Dr. West, Brandon A. Lucas has been posting messages on his Facebook page:

Dr. West will be spending the night behind bars. He has been ordered to appear in court Monday at 1pm est to answer charges of trespassing on the steps of the Supreme Court. — B. Lucas

Thanks ALL for your concern. Dr. West is ok. He’ll share his thoughts from today very soon. Stay tuned! #OccupyDC — Bro. Brandon A. Lucas

Prosecutors did not press charges against West and the 18 others who were arrested, reports Politico.

Watch footage from the protest and arrests being made below.

[Source: Politico; Washington Post; GlobalGrind]

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