Cash Money sued for failure to pay royalties | Music News

It’s like déjà vu all over again. Cash Money Records once again finds themselves the defendants in a lawsuit, this time from music giant EMI over unpaid royalties.

According to Courthouse News Service, EMI is suing Cash Money because the label ceased quarterly royalty payments they had agreed to make as part of a 2009 settlement reached between the parties. Cash Money allegedly owes $491,000 in royalties for samples from the EMI catalog that appear on the label’s albums.

“Because Defendant has ignored numerous communications from EMI regarding Defendant’s contractual obligations, EMI once more is being forced to commence a lawsuit against Defendant to recover royalty payments,” the complaint states. “The sales of Defendant’s products have far exceeded the payments that EMI has received.”

“It is clear from Defendant’s conduct that it has no intention of honoring the Agreement,” the complaint continues.

Cash Money has a long history of lawsuits, many of which end up settled. The label was served with three lawsuits in the same week last June — two for unpaid royalties and one for alleged copyright infringement. They’ve also faced lawsuits over their hit songs “Bedrock”, “A Milli” and “How to Love” (alleged copyright infringement, unpaid royalties and alleged breach of contract, respectively); for an alleged sexual assault for which they were claimed to be liable; and several others.


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