Lil Wayne loses $2.2 million lawsuit vs Quincy Jones III

Lil Wayne has been ordered to pay out a whopping sum of $2, 195, 000 after losing his case against Quincy Jones III regarding the ’09 documentary film The Carter. The rapper was unhappy with Quincy Jones’ son and the other film-makers for using his music to soundtrack what he saw as a “scandalous portrayal” of the making of commercial juggernaut Tha Carter III.

Wayne was, of course, unable to testify at his trial after suffering several seizure-like episodes aboard a flight from Texas to LA, meaning the judge and jury had to go on the evidence of his rather erm… unreliable, deposition videos.

The judge subsequently chastised Wayne for his “unreasonable conduct” and “irresponsible behaviour.”

Not only did Lil Wayne lose the lawsuit against Quincy, he also lost a countersuit by the makers of The Carter which claimed he “wrongfully limited the film’s profit potential”. According to Exclaim, the $2.2m lawsuit is intended to cover the financial damage sustained by Jones as a result of Wayne blocking the film’s initial release.

In other words, not exactly his finest moment.

[via TMZ]