Padge Victoria Windslowe arrested over illegal bottom “pumping” procedures | News

Linked to the death of 20 year old Claudia Aderotimi from East London, who died last year after receiving bottom enhancing injections in Philadelphia, Padge Victoria Windslowe [pictured above] has been arrested.

Nicknamed the “Black Madam”, Windslowe was arrested at a residence on Wednesday night as she prepared to host an illegal “pumping party,” and Philadelphia police have confirmed that she could soon be charged with Claudia’s murder.

Lieutenant Walker said of Windslowe’s arrest: “We knew she was the injector back in the 2011 [Aderotimi] case”. Despite not yet being formally charged with Claudia’s death police said she would be if the medical examiner ruled that the procedure she undertook caused her death.

The results of tests will confirm whether the substance injected into Claudia’s buttocks, which Windslowe claims is silicone, caused the heart attack that took Claudia’s life after she complained of chest pains and breathing difficulties after the procedure.

During the arrest officers removed vials of superglue, needles, gloves, bottles of liquid amongst other items. Windslowe’s bail has been set at $10million (£6.3million) and is due in court on March 13.

[Source: Telegraph / Metro]

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