Chrisette Michele talks diet affecting mental health, art as emotional release [Video] #OKNotToBeOK

Continuing our Mental Health awareness campaign #OKNotToBeOK, we sat down with Grammy Award-winning R&B singer-songwriter Chrisette Michele to discuss the effect changing her diet had on her mental health, keeping a journal, the effect the creation and release of her Audrey Hepburn: An Audiovisual Presentation mixtape had on her emotions and the importance of art to her wellbeing.

“It started off for me with juicing. What I put in my body – fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, stuff like that – really affects not just my physical, but my psyche, my mental. Sometimes with different foods they clog you on the inside so they clog you here too, in your head.”

“As I began to juice and become more comfortable being vegan or vegetarian, I became clearer – literally physically and emotionally. And that lead me to pray more. As I began to pray more I began to listen, and that kinda guided me to how to be the best me. I kept a journal of how to be better and I keep going back to that journal all the time to remind myself of how I’m doing, what I’m doing, and I do it again.”

“The mixtape got me through a lot of emotions. “Pray Me Well” – I really meant it, I was like ‘yo, pray for me!’ I was really begging god to send me love, send me art – because I was so aggravated with everything sounding the same in the music industry and everyone wearing the same outfits and looking the same. It’s one thing to sing a broken-hearted love song, but who sings broken-heart art songs! Art is pissing me off right now, I was serious man – because art means everything to me, culture means everything to me. It rules the world, in my opinion.” – Chrisette Michele

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Filmed by: Versetti x Fabian Thomas // Interviewed x Edited by: Versetti