Lupe Fiasco launches new health and well-being app ‘Higi’ | Tech News


Lupe Fiasco furthered his entrepreneurial efforts at this year’s SXSW by unveiling a new social media analytics app inspired by health and wellness, called Higi, in a partnership with Wrapports chairman Michael Ferro.

Bearing similarities to the social networking and media analytics app Klout, which was released back in 2009, Higi looks at three different aspects of one’s life to give its users a unique numeric score.

Speaking in an interview with the Morning Coffee crew, Lupe said: “It’s called Higi. It’s basically a score. And it’s a score based off of three different things,” said Lupe. “It’s based off of your body initially. Your weight, your blood pressure, your height, all your biometrics, your pulse, your body mass index.

“Then it takes into account your lifestyle. How active you are, how much you work out, etc. It takes advantage of things like the information that you get from the Nike fit bands, all those things that you work out with. Measure it. It kind of takes that information as well. Then it takes into consideration how active you are on social media. So Facebook, Twitter… It takes all those three things together and it calculates this score. So Higi is an algorithm basically at the end of the day.”

Lupe then divulged about the scoring system Higi uses, which maxes out at 999, and made mention of the app’s exclusive Nine-Hundred Club.

“You get scored from between 400 and 999. Once you get into the nine’s, the highest you can get is 999, once you get into the nine’s you get inducted into something called the Nine-Hundred Club. It opens you up to all these different awards. It’s like a social credit score, but that you control. That you control on a daily basis”.

Higi will be available for iOS devices, and will also be turned into an interactive kiosk for pharmacies in US stores such as K-Mart, Shop Rite and more. One of the most unique features of the app is its photo-tagging functionality that lets users upload images of their meals or social activities. The app then suggests ideas on how to work them off based on the relative calorie content.

Having been involved in the idea of eating and living well for a very long time, Lupe is clearly thrilled to be involved as creative director. “The dope part about this, other than just being creative director, is adding value to this company, because it adds value to the world,” he said.

Check out the interview below.