Jay-Z added to his already-extensive business portfolio back in January by investing in and signing on as the spokesman for Duracell’s innovative Powermat technology, now the mega-mogul and the power company have announced the first fruits of their new union by embarking on a mission to create a “Wireless Power Nation” in which traditional cell phone chargers will become obsolete.

For the unfamiliar, the Powermat is a flat apparatus that plugs into any standard wall outlet and allows you to wirelessly charge your cell phone simply by placing it on the mat. The technology is rooted in 19th century physicist Nicola Tesla’s “inductive energy transfer” method and works by “utilizing magnetic induction to transfer energy,” according to Powermat CEO Ran Poliakine.

The so-called “Wireless Power Nation” seeks to make the Powermat a ubiquitous part of everyday life, and Jay-Z is helping the company take its first step in achieving that goal by outfitting his 40/40 Club with the device. The sports bar’s VIP lounges, viewing and bar areas all feature the high-tech gadgetry, as the embedded mats look like coasters but will charge Powermat-enabled devices as soon as they are set on them.

“People will be able to charge wirelessly on embedded ‘wireless power hot spots’ in public venues where they travel and interact throughout their day,” Ron Rabinowitz, Duracell Powermat CEO, tells Mashable. “All they will need to do is put their phone on the table, same thing they normally do. The only difference is that now, their smartphones will get charged from the table.”

So far only the New York 40/40 Club has been given the space-age upgrade, but don’t be surprised if the recently-opened Atlantic City location soon follows suit. Powermat has also partnered with Chevrolet on the initiative, with the auto company placing the device in its new Volt models.

Powermat’s 24 Hour Power system costs $100. For more information on the device, visit the Powermat website.