Adele Tops Young Musicians Rich List


British songstress Adele has been announced as number one on the young musicians rich list, with a fortune worth £30 million. Women have dominated the charts this year beating out the boys with only two male artists on the list this year.

Following the success of Adele’s recent Oscar win for the Skyfall theme tune from the latest James Bond movie., her net worth has skyrocketed earning her the top spot. She managed to beat out pop sensation One Direction, who are collectively worth £25 million; claiming £5 million each.

Adele has been topping the charts since her debut album 19 following up with the critically acclaimed 21, which was the biggest selling album in 2012 selling over £8m, launching her as one of the leading artist in our generation.  The females dominated the list this time around with artists including Leona Lewis, Jessie J and Lily Allen all claiming a piece of the pie.

To see the full lineup of artist who ranked in the cash and make us all green with envy, check out the 25th Sunday Times Rich List published on April 21.