Wiley’s Grime Giveaway: Gems From The Zip Files

Roll Deep, Eskimo dance, the Godfather of Grime and not turning up to events are some of the things associated with Richard Cowie aka Wiley. But all would agree that the man’s work rate is second to none and his latest venture will confound the few who still doubt his graft.

Wiley, in an act of kindness/madness, gave away for free via his Twitter page ELEVEN zip files of music – freestyles, dubs, guest features and released tracks all make up the material which is circulating the web for free. Now as appealing/crazy as it would have been to sit and review each file track by track, here are just a handful of grimy gems you can find on his latest offering:

Zip File 1 [DOWNLOAD]
“Us Against The World”:
[audio:http://soulculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/us-against-the-world.mp3|titles=us against the world]

Other highlights:

  • “Journey Ain’t Over”
  • Track 05
  • “Sugacakes” (featuring J2K & Donae’o)

Zip File 2 [DOWNLOAD]
Probably the Best Zip File!

“She Likes To” (featuring J2K, Rinse, Ice Kid, Wretch 32, Ghetts, Bashy, Scorcher, Chipmunk, Griminal):
[audio:http://soulculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/she-likes-to-…-remix-2009.mp3|titles=she likes to … remix 2009]

Other highlights:

  • “123 Go” (featuring Ghetts, Devlin & Shifty)
  • “Swimming” (featuring J2K)
  • “Exp 120”
  • “City Lights (featuring J2K & Brazen)”
  • “Fame & Money”
  • “Magic”

Zip File 5 [DOWNLOAD]

“Don’t Hide Away” (featuring Rinse, Ice Kid & Mike Skinner):
[audio:http://soulculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/wiley-dont-hide-away-1.3.mp3|titles=wiley- dont hide away 1.3]

Other highlights:

  • “Freestyle Playground”
  • “25 Freestyle”
  • “Ooh Aah”
  • “Another Smash Hit”

Zip Files 6 [DOWNLOAD]

“Retro 52” (featuring Little Dee & Wrigley):

Other highlights:

  • “Could Be”
  • “I Mastered This” (featuring Brazen)
  • “Bounce Mix” (featuring Brazen)

Zip File 8 [DOWNLOAD]

“Mellow Step-mix” (featuring Wrigley):
[audio:http://soulculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/mellow-step-mix.mp3|titles=mellow step-mix]

Other highlights:

  • “Movement Activity”

Zip File 11 [DOWNLOAD]

“Brilly” (featuring J2K & Brazen):
[audio:http://soulculture.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/07/Brilly-rough.mp3|titles=Brilly rough]

Other highlights:

  • “Day Are Long”
  • “She’s Glowin” (instrumental)
  • “Feelin’ You”
  • “Exp 10” (instrumental)

Get ALL 11 download links over at GrimeForum.

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