The Bullitts present Amelia Sparks’ Diary: Days 137-142

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Welcome to our regularly scheduled weekly installment of The Diary Of Amelia Sparks

The Bullitts story unfolds on on with new twists and turns, secret societies and false identities through the multimedia online diary that Amelia Sparks (played by Hollywood actress Lucy Liu) has been sharing via twitter (Catch up with Days 1-42 here, Days 43-51 here, Days 52-58 here, Days 58-71 here, Days 72-92 here, Days 93-99 here, Days 100-108 here, Days 109-131 here, Days 132-136 here).

Lucy Liu is joined by Idris Elba who plays the part of Saul Emmanuel, as well as The Bullitts creator Jeymes Samuel who plays Saul Emmanuel’s loose tongued ex-driver.

The Bullitts forthcoming debut album They Die By Dawn & Other Stories (which features Mos Def, Jay Electronica, Tori Amos + more) is an audio movie narrated by actress Lucy Liu (Listen to the first single Close Your Eyes with Jay Electronica x Lucy Liu) who from what I can gather from her diary entries so far via @TheBullitts is a disturbed (possibly schizophrenic) young woman who finds herself pulled into a dark twisted story filled with secrets, deceit & murder.

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I never heard anything back from Christian after our textual flirtations. Enough of the foreplay. I just want to finish this.
Arabella wanted to go to Joanne’s ‘finalise’ her. I said we had to wait for Saul’s word.
I haven’t heard anything from Saul. I know I will.

I can’t believe what I’ve just seen…
Saul called me in a rage. I couldn’t make out all he was saying but this much was clear:
“Calm down Saul. What interview?”
Then I went online…

I have a bad feeling about this…
So this is the definition of the shit actually hitting the fan.
As soon as Saul gives the word. I am going after Jeymes Samuel AND Georgia Lewis Anderson.

It’s 5:16am and still no sleep. I have to change this pattern, but it’s hard to rest your brain with so much weirdness going on.
Saul has flown back. He called me earlier. He sounded agitated, not only because of the interview, but because Christian still breathes.
I told him not to worry, that storyline is coming to a close soon enough.
Then he told me something odd:
“My people are following my ex-driver. He’s boarded a plane to New York. I don’t know what he’s doing there, but he’s scared… and stupid.”
“What do you want me to do?”
“Don’t talk to strangers.”
Saul has a peculiar sense of humour. He knows I don’t talk to strangers… I kill them.
If that driver comes within even the slightest proximity of me, I’ll render him incapable of driving again.
My mind is consumed with the COA, Christian Chapman, Joanne and Django… Now I have to worry about this idiot?
I’ll just get Arabella to finalise him. She needs a kill soon, or she’ll turn. Damn, she sounds like a vampire. I suppose she is, of a sort.
I suppose we all are… Creatures of the night, consumed with the darkness and all the mysteries therein. We live by night…
They Die By Dawn.

I’ve been up all night again. But i WAS tired. Arabella wouldn’t let me sleep.
She said she knows where Christian is hiding. If that is true I wasn’t about to go there at 4:30am!
She said he’s staying in the Ace Hotel in NY. How she arrived at that conclusion is anyone’s guess.
I called up but no one of that name has checked in.
In the afternoon I had a coffee with Saul. Nothing much came out of it. Not even additional info on Joanne. Saul speaks when he is ready.
One revelation came out of the meeting though… I hate coffee. With absolution.
I think Saul is a little disappointed that the Christian Chapman saga is still on going. I tried to make light of it:
“We watched the Oscars together. I can’t just kill him like that.”
It was as if Saul mouthed the letters; L O L. He didn’t find it funny at all.
It’s 10:39am. I’ll get a few hours sleep and then head over to the Ace Hotel. See if I could find me a good Christian.

It’s 1am. I’m in the Ace Hotel bar. I’ve been here since 7pm. No sign of Christian
I’m with Arabella. She is profoundly irritating tonight. Still won’t tell me how she knows Christian is staying here.
But the silly cow keeps saying:
“I know it. He’s staying on the 7th floor. I just know it.”
“Oh I get it, like deja vu right?”
“Kind of. Exactly.”
Arabella lives the contradictory double answer.
“Okay, so if you’ve lived this before, the slap I’m about to give you will be familiar too, right? Right? Kind of, exactly?”
No answer. Just like I thought. She’s just standing there looking at me blankly.
I wouldn’t lay a hand on Arabella though. Ever. I almost feel bad for saying what I just did.
“I’m sorry I never meant to be mean. I’ll never harm a hair on your head. And anyone that does will have to deal with me. Including Joanne.”
Arabella’s face has just lit up.
“Can we kill her tonight?”
I love this girl. I’m going to order me a drink.

Arabella was right. Christian was staying at the hotel. Room 705.
We went to the hotel around midnight. The doorman remembered us and let us in. We waited in the bar area.
About 1am I saw a guy talking to a girl. It looked like Christian but was too far to tell. He turned around and I was positive it was him.
I got closer and sure enough… But he saw me.
I ran toward him and he ran inside the elevator by the bar. I grabbed Arabella. We waited for the next one. We knew he was going to the 7th.
The elevator took it’s time to come. It mat have gone to every floor before us. We finally got inside an as the doors were closing…
Christian got out of the elevator next to us. Arabella screamed but I’ve grown used to this guy’s magical powers of escape.
We got back to the bar and I was on the hunt for one person. Not Christian. He would’ve been long gone…
That woman he was talking to.
She was still there.
I said I was the girlfriend of the guy she was talking to. She called him a scumbag and said he was trying to get her back to his home.
He didn’t give her his address but said he’s in Williamsburg. Arabella and I left immediately.
I called Saul and asked him does he have any addresses in Williamsburg that Christian is linked to. He gave me one.
He was sure Christian wasn’t staying there because they have been watching that residence for months.
Saul told me to go home and wait for his call. He said he’ll have am address for me in 24 hours. Arabella and I went home.
And haven’t gone to sleep since.

To Be Continued via @TheBullitts.