YADi – Banana Mix | Mixtape Review + Free Download

Thirty minutes of audio-travel through Algeria up to Scandinavia in 11 tracks? That would be with singer YADi’s newly released Banana mixtape.

South London born Hannah YADi has crafted in this mix a beautiful set of audio-diaporamas, a journey through drum lines no doubt inspired by her mixed heritage (Algerian, Italian and Norwegian). The Banana mixtape is built on 11 tracks featuring six other singer-songwriters and beat makers based in the UK, US and Canada.

A mesmerising Bulgarian choir intro on Eastern vibes opens onto a remix of YADi’s first track “Guillotine” (Warner Music). The original “Guillotine,” released a year ago, is a fusion of electro claps, crystalline piano drops stringed by YADi’s raspy voice. This track is here revisited by producer Doc McKinney with firing beats and YADi ragamuffin-ing her spoken word-lyrics. This opening track alone illustrates how high YADi can really fly both vocally and creatively.

The seductive track-transitions are those of Cheb I Sabbah featuring the Hadderetes and the B’Net Marrakech, built as 20 second-cuts of rushing drums, whispers and hulluls. Also found on the Banana mixtape are “beat alchemists” TNGHT (formed by Canadian Lunice and Glaswegian Hudson Mohawke) with their electro-fying track “Top Floor,” as well as Alt-J with “Taro,” a beautiful Banghra infused song with mischievous alternations of guitar riffs and serene violins.

Rudi Zygadlo, the creative dubstep beat-maker raised in Scotland, shapes in “Melpomene” an audio-scape with a Nordic feel, and Poliça smashes some electronica jungle in “Violent Games.” Lauded singer-songwriter Frank Ocean’s “Bad Religion” is a lyrically richer song which touches on a core element of voyages.

The heart of this mixtape could only be a Banana Tree, with YADi the electro-doll cyborg-ing her lyrics on Flying Lotus-style vibrations. To wrap the yellow and ocres of this Banana, YADi covers “Initiation,” a sensual track by The Weeknd from his Echoes Of Silence mixtape.

From feline sweet to chopped-and-chewed MC style, YADi’s electro versatility is becoming evident. The variety of beats and voices throughout this mixtape are addictive and her first album is eagerly awaited. In the meantime if you fancy hearing YADi live, she will be performing at the Rich Mix in London on October 20, during the Algerian Cultural Festival.

Listen/Download: YADi – Banana Mix

The Banana Mixtape Track list:

– Kalimkou Denkou (The evening gathering) – Le Mystere des Voix Bulgares
– Guillotine (Doc Mckinney remix) YADi
– Top Floor – TNGHT
– Mahd Assalhin – Cheb I Sabbah Ft. Hadderetes
– Taro’ – Alt-J
– Banana Tree – YADi and Rudi Zygadlo
– Melpomene – Rudi Zygadlo
– Violent Games – Poliça
– Sadats (Saints of Marrakesh) – Cheb I Sabbah Feat. B’Net Marrakech
– Bad religion – Frank Ocean
– Initiation (YADi cover) – The Weeknd