Vivian Green – The Green Room | Album Review

Vivian Green loves love. And she’s happy about it. The Philly singer/songwriter, most known for her melancholy hits “Emotional Rollercoaster” and “Gotta Go, Gotta Leave,” releases her fourth album (her second for eOne Music), The Green Room, bubbling with the upside of relationships.

This album is decidedly happier than Green’s previous efforts, but still showcases her soulful sensibilities. “I wanted to make an uplifting, feel-good record for adults.  I wanted to create music that’s fun and sexy and soulful,” says the chanteuse. From her vibrant Toni Braxton-esque lead single “Anything Out There,” to the dance party that is the soul-clapping “I’m Not Prepared,” Green is having a good time. Tapping production from Phoe Notes, powerhouses Adam Blackstone and Vidal Davis, along with Jason Farmer and Steve McKie, The Green Room captures Vivian’s distinct sound.

Though still bright-eyed and thoughtful, Green has matured lyrically and so has her voice. Whether it’s giving thanks for an amazing relationship on the sweltering “Forever” and the haunting “Still Here” (her collaboration with jazz-funk keyboardist Brian Culbertson, featured on his album Dreams), or the electric anticipation of long-distance love on “When Can I See You Again”, Green is always aware of her audience, revealing her most intimate stresses and successes.

She delves into the struggle to let go of that very special past love on the moody “X” (with a slightly inelegant appearance by rapper Freeway), the indecision of trying again on “Faith” and the realization that there are some people that you will never quite get over on the brilliant “Supposed To Be Mine.” Green is at her best here, perfectly capturing the longing for a love that slipped through your fingers, that misty blue pang of regret.

Part of Green’s signature sound and the new sound of Philadelphia at large is inspiration and encouragement. The music on this project is purposeful, none more so than the motivational outro, “Light The Universe”, an effervescent affirmation of self-esteem and self-love featuring Algebra Blessett, and Philly songbirds Leah Smith, Treena Ferebee and Laurin Talese.

The Green Room is vast and moving, a focused and fresh effort, as Vivian offers up Pop&B seasoned with soul and touching lyrical content. We’re glad she’s invited us back.

Vivian Green – The Green Room
Label: eOne Music
Released: October 09, 2012
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