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The Internet Purple Violet Ladies

From the shadows of the male dominated OFWGKTA emerges the minority female Syd The Kyd; the only woman in the group. As part of the duo dubbed The Internet alongside producer Matt Martian, the two will not remain in the shadows of The Odd Future clan – for with Purple Naked Ladies, the two have created a project that doesn’t sound like anything from the Odd Future camp’s discography thus far.  

The album’s sounds is not abrasive, or violent – and aside from asking a girl to take some drugs with “Cocaine,” it’s a rather safe and chill project.   In an interview with Interview Magazine, Syd explains what listeners should hear when listening to the project; “It’s called Purple Naked Ladies, after a kind of LSD.  It sounds like Stevie Wonder on acid.  Basically, we tried to create a psychedelic trip without drugs, using music.  After all the outside bullshit goes away, then you can do anything you can conquer the world.”

Listening to the album, the Stevie Wonder reference isn’t necessarily there however the production backdrop that Martian lays out is a mesh of non-traditional Hip Hop and psychedelic textures that accompany Syd’s voice really well. The album is, in a way, a teenage coming of age soundtrack with topics of love, infatuation and surpassing the negative thoughts of people.

The introduction to the album in the form of “Violet Nude Women” sets the tone of the project with cool production that in places builds momentum then leaves and just mellows out. Next comes one of the first stand-out tracks on the album in the form of the optimistic “They Say,” featuring YouTube sensation Tay Walker.  Syd’s voice on this song is rich with a level of sincerity; meshing in Walker’s voice only make this song more of a standout, complete with touching lyrics; “I know how easy, it is to give up / but don’t let people hold you down / And I know sometimes that it will amaze you / but don’t let it fade you, hold your ground.”  

The first official single from the album, “Cocaine” featuring Left Brain is a definite highlight.  The production on this track matches the concept; it’s dizzy, odd and when the Left Brain comes in it seems almost like how you feel if you were to be on drugs. 

The album strikes sweet notes with “Ode To a Dream” and “Love Song-1″; the former opening with sing-song rap from Kilo Klash and also featuring Coco O of Quadron, with a complete sonic switch at the 2:07 mark, whilst “Love Song-1” is an ultra relatable song of heartbreak.

If using other debuts as a point of comparison this project could be considered mediocre, but what this project has that others don’t is Syd.  No, she doesn’t have the best voice ever but that’s what really works with the project – and combined with her sense of vulnerability and sincerity, their music draws a mellow, melodic distinction between The Internet and the rest of the Odd Future clan.

The Internet – Purple Naked Ladies
Released: December 19, 2011
Label: Odd Future LLC
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