Sir Michael Rocks – Premier Politics 1.5 | Mixtape Review

Last September one half of The Cool Kids, Mikey Rocks or Sir Michael Rocks went on his lonely releasing his second mixtape Premier Politics, a decent yet flawed offering. During the recording process of that free-lease, an excess amount of songs were made in order for one tape, and remained unreleased – up until now, as he newest member of the Jet Life Recordings family aka the ‘Top Notch Nautica Nice Guy’ serves up those songs in the form of Premier Politics 1.5.

Now we have dealt with the red tape, allow us to get down to business. To the non-believers or new listeners, this mixtape consists of classic Sir Michael. This entails specifically describing the Chicagoean collection of obscure and classic department store sweatshirts (Harrods & Neiman Marcus), everyday actions such as ordering lemon waters and and smoking that good as well as smoking that good with bad…. you know the rest.

The mixtape kicks off with the spacy ‘Antidote’, Brandun Deshay‘s minimalist bleeps sound like something out of Star Trek. Sir Michael breezily and rather easily ticks off his checklist,  being decked out in Polo or Nautica, conversing with pretty young things and repping the Toothpick Clique or TPC, more on that latter. Not a bad way to start a project off, at all.

The Midwest-West Connect is strong on ‘Chill’ when Like of Pac Div and Mikey Sir Michael thankfully providing the rules and regulations when courting a young lady. Going back to back sounding  and complimenting one another, the chemistry from previous Cool Kid x Pacific Divison records is evident.

‘Hit A Lick’ is a crew cut featuring all members of the ToothPick Clique. Here in the TPC, we have Shorty K and Tris J as well as your highness Sir Rocks. Productions reads Tye Hill on this one, but you could think the drums originate from the Ongo Bongo advert, for the old-skool fruit juice. Michael tells us, he’s in a ‘drug dealer whip but I ain’t cut no bricks’. The star of this posse track is Tris J with his montone boss flow, informing us of his fine dining; ‘Lobster Fettucini, side of fried zucchini/ Wash it down with crigs and top it off with some greenery’.

‘Checkin’ sounds like a leftover from Kush + OJ Cardo had laying around. The song is so-so much like the beat and the hook. Shorty K features on this one, but in all honesty he needn’t have bothered. ‘I’m Keith Sweat, I’m swagging on Keith Sweat’ – with lines like this young wonder if Shorty K is Too Short‘s biggest fan. Great if you’re a seasoned rap vet respected for pimp tales, worrying if you’re a young upstart pursuing career growth.

The Cool Kids finally team up on the Monsta Beatz helmed, ‘Out The Jam’ if you’re familiar, with Tacklebox and Fish Ride Bicycles, you won’t be familiar than this. Hearing Mike and Chuck Inglish not spit over bass thumping beats is rare, and spaced out production fits in with the vibe of this project. Just doesn’t feel right.

Stealing the show is the Point of View, with Tye Hill beat sounding perfect with the strumming of a Spanish guitar coupled with a rapid Speedy Gonzales flow deployed by the Chi-Town MC littered with clever quips. The beat sounds like it was made for summer nights in Cancun sipping on sangria.

Smilar subject matter which grows tiresome towards the end, but its for nice for Mikey Rocks and Sir Michael to be slighty varied characters. The tape overall is laid-back and smooth, both in production and verse content. Despite being a member of The Cool Kids, listening to Premier Politics 1.5, it’s easy to see Sir Michael has enrolled in extra-curricular activities when it comes to the art of rhyming.

DOWNLOAD: Sir Michael Rocks – Premier Politics 1.5 [Mixtape]

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