Sincere – Written In The Stars (Mixtape Review)



Argue amongst yourselves as to which part of the UK produces the best music, but it has become very obvious that the North side of London has churned out some of the best emcees. With Sway and Chipmunk collecting numerous plaudits and the Grime scene dominated by many from north of the River Thames, one artist has been consistently releasing quality material for some time now.

Whether known for “That’s Not Gangsta” or collaborating with KidBass, Sincere continues his pursuit of the highest accolades with his new mixtape Written In The Stars. As his recognition grows with each new track, a compilation of soon-to-be-released tracks is the ideal platform to introduce many to his lyrical arsenal.

Although this eight-track compilation may seem limited compared to the generic 15+ track listings on other mixtapes, what is most reassuring is the quality which is found with each track. Providing his husky, monotonous flow once again, Sincere’s verses of uphill struggles for recognition and dealings of life on the roads will provide much satisfaction for the UK Hip Hop and Grime followers.

From the killer opening track “Blood Is Thicker Than Water”, Sincere teams with Scorcher to provide street life occurrences with much extravagance and charisma whilst “Pass It Over” should receive many wheel-ups in a rave near you. But for fans of ILuvLive and other live showcases around the UK, the reggae influenced “Jammin’” featuring future sensation I Love Coco highlights Sincere’s penchant for performing at all levels.

Whilst it doesn’t provide enough tracks to endure the entire year, Written In The Stars will do enough to appease all for the early part of 2010. By the time summer hits, you can expect the N4 resident to have provided more honest, unadulterated quality which will further push him into the higher rankings in the UK scene.

–Henry Yanney

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