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As the global Occupy protest movements around the world rally against the current economic and social inequalities becoming an ever present part of our reality – having started in Kuala Lumpur in July, followed by New York City and San Francisco and spreading to over 95 cities across 82 countries, including here in London – mixtape connoisseur and Grammy nominated R&B artist Raheem Devaughn dropped his latest offering  Freedom Fighter sharing his thoughts and feelings on the matter, joining public figures like Lupe Fiasco and Russell Simmons to speak in support of the 99%.

This latest mixtape, a collection of some of his socially conscious tracks and B-sides, brings attention to this important issue and reflecting the change he wants to see. After his recent arrest alongside Dr. Cornell West​ and describing the experience as “one of the most enlightening moments of his life,” Raheem introduces the mixtape: “Every protest needs a soundtrack and this is the soundtrack to the movement; the 99% verses the 1%”, setting the scene to the ethos of the 17-track tribute to the movement proceeding as him speaking with a protester at Occupy DC, a young college graduate who’s been looking for a job to no avail ‘trying to survive in America.’

The first track “My Plea” features New Jersey up and coming rapper Rasheed Chappell, who provides two electric rap verses making his plea for a shift in priority and mindset to effectively achieve emotional and social change; We need a radical change in peoples attitudes / So either stand up now or they gon’ saddle you.

“In My Lifetime”, the first of three collaborations with Urban Ave31 displays the sentiment of John Lennon’s iconic “Imagine” using the instrumental behind Nas‘ “The World Is Yours.” The stand out cuts from the mixtape are “Revelations 20:10” – a passionate and uplifting collaboration with Damian Marley borrowing the backdrop from Jay Z‘s “Can I Live” which encourages us to be educated – and on the opposite end of the musical spectrum, the sombre “Homeless” telling the tale of a downtrodden and forgotten section of society.

Raheem Devaughn ft. Damien Marley – “Revelations 20:10”:

With impressive features from a variety of contributors ranging from the likes of Jill Scott and Bilal to Bun B andLudacris, riddled with soundbites from the movement so far including Dr Cornel West and peppered with snippets of speeches from past social activists Martin Luther King and Louis Farrakhan giving some historical context, this mixtape summarises the sentiments of this ever growing, global movement and its cultural relevance with the solidarity shown by its influential supporters. As mixtapes go, Devaughn rarely disappoints and if you’re a supporter of the current movement, this offering will definitely suffice.

Download: Raheem Devaughn – Freedom Fighter Mixtape

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