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With collectives and sets being on the up again within Grime and Hip Hop, one UK trio who have been consistent in their few years of existence make a welcome return to the mixtape scene. Those Marvell Boys – Double S, Shocka and Vertex – have collectively torn apart sets and live PAs, as well as releasing a consistent series of Marvell FM mixtapes with its mixture of 140 beats, Hip Hop remakes as well as blazing freestyles which have pushed them up the rankings of the ‘top guys’ in the scene. Now on the fourth installment of the Marvell FM catalog, can North London’s impressive trio successfully stretch the series beyond the trilogy?

Reprising the pirate radio theme present throughout the previous three releases, Marvell FM 4 picks up where the last installments left off; with remixes, freestyles and new material for 2011. Boxing Marvell into a specific genre is always difficult, as whilst Grime has normally been associated with them, when they drop slowed down, trill cuts like ‘London 2 Atlanta’ they could easily be categorised as a Hip Hop act. The track’s subwoofer abusing bass and the boys’ chilled flow possesses enough swagger to make it a standout moment so early into the mixtape.

Containing more original material than their prior works is a welcoming factor, especially since a majority of them shows the trio at their best. ‘Here We Go Again’ has the boys sparring with the heavy hitting beat which featured guest Lady Leshur tears apart, and ‘Creme De La Creme’ slips into a funkier riddim whilst the North London all-star track ‘Own Path’ ropes along Wretch 32 and Chipmunk to drop some standout verses.

Although Marvell’s appeal doesn’t come from the depth of their lyrics, the hypeness and energy they create from their bars (notably Double S) powers the mixtape and ensures the listening experience to be a fun one rather than fully intense. Skip the lesser remakes of Black Eyed Peas’ ‘Time Of My Life’ and Wiz Khalifa’s ‘Black and Yellow’, and Marvell FM 4 remains consistent in its quality. Working with a recognisable formula (although the singing does get tiresome) Shocka, Double S and Vertex play well off each other as emcees and mesh well with the numerous guests on hand.

Probably one of the few groups who are able to hop on several different sounds and still appeal, Marvell’s run with the FM series remains strong with this fourth installment. With a few tweaks and a clear outline, Marvell could very well be the next of Grime’s generation to become mainstays on the mainstream circuit.

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