Magnetic Man – Magnetic Man | Album Review

A phenomena which crosses all genres and music lovers, the dubstep genre has been praised due to its encapsulation of the euphoric dance, trance and house formats as well as the murky production credits of Garage and Grime. So when three of the genre’s powerhouses came together to form a superteam, anticipation for a release ran across a majority of music platforms.

Producers and DJs Benga, Skream and Artwork are Magnetic Man; a colossus collaborative project which has 
stormed raves as well as the charts all through 2010. Bringing forth guest vocalists Ms Dynamite, Katy B, 
Angela Hunte, Sam Frank
and John Legend to their debut album, Magnetic Man formally introduces themselves to the wider music market.

‘Flying To Tokyo’ awakens the album beautifully crafted with its mix of gentle xylophone strikes and orchestral backing. Magnetic Man shifts back into the full throttle dubstep lane on ‘Fire’, with its mix of dirty bass and Ms Dynamite’s engulfing vocals producing a rampant jam.

Undertaking a more serene output than expected, Magnetic Man consists of some killer tracks which ravers will still enjoy. Recent chart entrant ‘I Need Air’ conjures up a dub-pop formula which meshes a vibrant score with whimsical melodies from Angela Hunte.

Silk vocals and a delicious slice of uptempo beats lead to more standout tracks as ‘Perfect Stranger’ featuring rising star Katy B and ‘Boiling Water’ with Sam Frank all take on the same suit as the charting lead single.

There are still enough subdued bass kicking compositions for those find the dub-pop formula overtly commercial; ‘Anthemic’ switches between two stepping rhythms and zoned out synths, ‘Ping Pong’ delivers a six minute dose of cool, subdued skanker and ‘Karma Crazy’’s haunting composition is another highlight.

So when three of the genre’s producers come together to form a supergroup what’s the result? Magnetic Man is a quality mix of zoned out dubstep goodness and chart appealing singles which weigh up nicely on the 14 song project. Tracks are definitely more polished (in terms of their structure) – possibly due to their new found success – as a more accessible sound is definitely evident. Nevertheless, much satisfaction can be found on this first offering as the genre continues to go from strength to strength, both in the underground and the mainstream.

–Henry Yanney

Magnetic Man is out now via Columbia Records.

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