Mac Miller – Best Day Ever | Mixtape Review

As with any XXL Freshman list, there will be a few unfamiliar names to fans and readers of the music and culture magazine. Hence it makes for a perfect opportunity for Freshman ‘11 inductee Mac Miller to drop a mixtape for those who may have missed the Pittsburgh emcee’s underground growth. Already three mixtapes deep (check for the pretty dope K.I.D.S offering), Best Day Ever will undoubtedly draw the most attention from the public to date.

Best Day Ever is an assortment of fun nights and smoke filled days all set to beats ranging from poppy daytime hits to old school Hip Hop tributes. Mac Miller brings much enthusiasm in his raps about girls, parties and hats, which makes up for his lack of lyrical skill. The Sap produced ‘Donald Trump’ has enough Hip Hop and pop merits to be the breakthrough track, whilst ‘Get Up’ offers a trippy, spaced out experience which inspires solid verses from the 19 year old.

Whilst content doesn’t deviate for the most part from partying and BS, Mac Miller makes the most out of his artillery. ‘Wear My Hat’ depicts the simple, playful nature when a girl swipes a guy’s hat to wear but is set to a slick beat from The Cool Kids’ Chuck Inglish. Best Day Ever is blessed with some exceptional beats from the likes of Sap, Teddy Roxpin, ID Labs and acclaimed beatsmith Khrysis who provides a heavy hitting number on ‘She Said’.

Mac Miller’s fresh, Midwestern drawl is infectious; his laid back style of spitting becomes more palatable throughout the mixtape and with chilled tracks on board such as ‘Snooze’ and ‘Down The Rabbit Hole’, Miller seems to have already found his niche at an early stage in his career.

Resembling the puff-puff-pass musings of Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller’s latest free offering has enough fuel to charge him to the current heights which his Pittsburgh compatriot currently stands. Best Day Ever may stray more towards commercial appeal than his previous K.I.D.S mixtape but the numerous references to hoes, weed not to mention its indulgence in ’90s sounding Hip Hop ensures Miller’s latest mixtape still holds onto its independent, edgy status.

Miller will indefinitely have the teenage/student market on lock with this ode to everything which makes being a teenager in the USA worthwhile and, whilst it won’t settle in the stomachs of purer Hip Hop fans, its merits are definitely strong enough to ensure it leaves an impression on the wider Hip Hop circle.

Download: Mac Miller – Best Day Ever [Mixtape]

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