Little Dragon at Jazz Café 13/03/09

I should have known I’d arrived in the future the minute ‘Little Dragon’ sailed in on a wave of fizzy, electronic, reverberations. But at that point I thought it was still the 13th of March 2009. Little did I know that the band had taken my sense of hearing – and to some extent my sense of sight – on a melodious temporal excursion to some far, distant and debonair region of time.
Ok well that wasn’t quite what happened at their concert on Friday, but it damn well near felt like it. And as the show wore on the more ‘future’ ‘Little Dragon’s’ brand of music came to sound. In fact, by the end, the performance had evolved into a wild fit of Techno synths, random voice samples and erratic keys (all the signs of a fictional dystopian future soundscape.) If it wasn’t for lead Yukimi Nagano’s strange mix of neurosis and tranquillity I would have to conclude that the band were really a group of androids sent here from the future to reinvent Jazz, which alas the band seemed to have done in quite executive fashion. Nice.
David M*