Jinesis – Coffee Shop 2: the four fundamentals [Instrumental LP] | Review x Free Download

As the days get longer and the nights shorter, the need for much tranquil, relaxing music is necessary for those lazy, exhausting early evenings. Fortunately New York producer/beatsmith Jinesis is something of an aficionado when it comes to providing such a project. Bouncing and flipping samples around until left with a smooth new product, Jinesis’ catalog of jazzed up cuts, roughhouse beats and vintage scratching is welcomed by the many underground headnodders who find themselves at home within the traditional format of Hip Hop. On the second of his Coffee Shop series, the Bronx producer brings his drums, samples, MPC beat machine and turntables for more mash-up fun.

Newcomers to Jinesis’ sound are instantly introduced to what he’s about on the sweeping, heavy hitting opener ‘Calm Down I Ain’t Said Shit Yet’. Its simplistic formula of claps, samples and drums provide an appeasing first track, whereas the more experimental following track ‘Black Beans’ delves into more hollow echoes, ear piercing effects and soul samples.

This instrumental project isn’t aimed directly at the crate diggers and hardcore Hip Hoppers; Jinesis is also able to whip up some mellow R&B/soul moods on the piano led ‘Miss You’ whilst ‘Pancakes and Syrup’ is a slow, stirring melody which gently rocks back and forth throughout its three minute duration. In addition to numerous, brief skits Coffee Shop 2 … is also composed of some rehashes and snippets of classic Hip Hop, which Jinesis flips with much distinction. Borrowing a few Redman bars on ‘Astro’ adds to the labyrinthine, black hole-esque drones featured whereas Ice Cube’s ‘It Was A Good Day’ is flipped and given a much funkier beat on ‘Live at the Barbecue part 1’.

Although his sound isn’t the most distinctive ala J Dilla or DJ Shadow, Jinesis regardless produces a fine collection of sleepy and kicking instrumentals which encompasses a variety of hitting beats and subtle vibes to please the majority. Coffee Shop 2… chops up numerous classic records and blends them appropriately with old school breaks, rhythmic compositions and soulful melodies, in which its syrupy output runs slickly from beginning to end. A unique project, Coffee Shop 2: the four fundamentals explores the science behind creating deft compositions and will be fully appreciated by all those studying the art of the producer.