GLC – Love, Life & Loyalty | Album Review

It is often the case that a rapper has such a dominant presence in the scene that it can hinder the progression of affiliates around them – but for GLC, a former member of Kanye West’s G.O.O.D Music imprint, appearances on some of Mr West’s prior works have only helped to build up a growing buzz for his own future projects.

Four years after a notable appearance on the Midwest anthem ‘Drive Slow’, GLC finally releases his much delayed debut album Love, Life & Loyalty. Deeply resonated in the gutter, lowriding sounds of the Midwest, Love, Life & Loyalty hopes to place GLC amongst the current crop of successful acts emerging out of the Windy City.

This Chi-Town affiliate gets down and dirty with a package of deep bass mixed with vintage pimp-induced lyricism. This spirit is most notably found on ‘Clockin Lotsa Dollarz’, a laid back cut which is topped off with a slick verse from southern rap royalty Bun B.

Love, Life & Loyalty lowrides through a smoky road of club machismo and gangsta motifs which at times is a smooth listen – but also gets bumpy at times.

‘Pour Another Drink’ is a finger snapping cut with insightful lyrics backed by John Legend’s signature wailings. ‘Cold As Ice’ provides enough yells of ‘ay’ to keep heads nodding plus Twista puts out another track ripping performance to accompany GLC’s dope opening verse.

A surprise inclusion on LL&L is the track ‘Flight School’ which at first, was thought to have been a release from Kanye West. Nevertheless its breezy-uber cool production, GLC and Kanye’s tight verses and an inspired T-Pain chorus results in a great addition to the 15 track album. However, the wheels start to skid on this ride with tracks such as ‘MHCC’ and ‘I Ain’t Even On Yet’ providing less enthralling material and production merits.

Bringing forth rugged tales of life on the corner and polished, vocal assisted ‘hits’ for the charts, GLC continues the growing trend of good music being released from Chi-City. Whilst failing to pack a punch which will shake the entire music world, Life, Love & Loyalty will appease those who wish to devour something a little rougher and darker than the bright lights and big sounds which come from his former mentor.

–Henry Yanney

GLC’s Love, Life & Loyalty is out now via Ylimit Inc.