Giggs – Let ‘Em Ave It | Album Review

Hip Hop in America has no qualms about pushing/pimping Gangsta Rap to its mainstream – in the UK, however, it’s a different matter. Various government organisations and politicians have been vocal and proactive in their attempts to censor gratuitous music from flooding the charts – which makes for a very interesting scenario as the UK’s answer to Mobb Deep and Jeezy launches his album to the masses…

Giggs’ metaphoric rise has been a bumpy one; whilst his maniacal raps and gutter production have created a buzz which any bigshot American rapper would be proud of, rumours of censorship within various industries have been rife; something the south London rapper has been very vocal about. Nevertheless, the SN1 General lets us have it. Just how it resonates with the public remains to be seen.

Giggs wastes no time in sharing his musical story up to this point, as the intro breaks down every high and low experienced in his short career thus far. The mood switches to the grim, hood epics which we’ve become accustomed to; “Hustle On” is an ode to all money makers in the endz and “Look What The Cat Dragged In” is an unofficial introduction for the rest of the UK as to how Hollow Man gets down.

Lyrically and production-wise, Giggs compromises for no one, as verses contains as many guns and drugs references as on his impressive Walk In Da Park debut. Even the sombre “Way It Is” is a throwback to his darker days before bidding wars and radio exposure.

Previous collaborative efforts with Mike Skinner, B.o.B and Shola Ama are omitted from Let ‘Em Have It [unless you grab the Bonus Disc] but help is on hand from the other SN1 man dem, which should appease the hardcore fans of the team, whilst the LP’s real touching moment which will resonate with most music fans is the track dedicated to his son, “”Little Man and Me,” which allows listeners a brief glimpse into the man behind the hard bodied front.

Overall, Let ‘em Have It provides a solid foundation of unruly tales and chilling beats, with the potential to create international buzz if our US counterparts were to take note.

Differences between this album and his previous mixtapes are quite few, which will please and disappoint an equal measure of followers, and it’s quite possible that the release of Let Em Ave It will be noted more for its role as a catalyst for other rappers than for its own musical credentials; artists facing the conflict of ‘staying hood versus going mainstream’ finally have a project that proves both worlds can now be conquered on UK shores.

Giggs’ latest album Let ‘Em Ave It is out now via XL Recordings.