Ghetts – Momentum | Mixtape Review

For any Grime MC in the making has plans of owning the year 2012, they might want to consider taking a backseat due to the lyrical volcano which could erupt any time soon. Ghetts, in his mid twenties, has already seen it all and accomplished a lot of what many aim for, but still possesses the fire to overrule the next 365 days.

Becoming the talk of the urban scene at one point due to his venomous attack on MTVs Best of the Best MC list, all eyes and ears were then inclined to remain attentive on all output from the underground hero. Not one to hide behind his comments, Ghetts intends on letting his music do the talking, releasing his new mixtape Momentum at the close of 2011 to turn sceptics into fans and draw plaudits from the doubters. Hosted by the world renowned DJ Whoo Kid, Momentum builds up a charge which might send him flying way beyond any musical title which is up for grabs.

Rather than falling into the trap of Americanizing his style due to the New York DJ’s presence, Ghetts hurls an array of murky Grime bangers through the speakers. “Venomous Tongue,” “Not Loose” and “Red Pill” featuring Mercston are undiluted Grime monsters which cause audio carnage thanks to the spitter’s unmatched delivery and passion.

The emphatic performer also hooks up with Movement affiliate Devlin – addressing the loud talkers to keep quiet on “Piping Up,” which reproduces some of the duos early work when their collective was in full force a few years back. GH cuts up and shares out verbal tales of street robberies, lyrical greatness and more, which many within the scene have clamoured for.

Momentum is track heavy, but doesn’t feel too enduring as the numerous freestyles and quick 16s will satisfy for the most part, with only a handful of tracks which could have been omitted. There are a few highlights which are steeped in high quality production and memorable verses – even when diving into Hip Hop productions, which many believe the MC is a stranger to.

Ghetts’ transition to storytelling rhymer is a smooth one – “Story of the Pauper” highlights the variety in his arsenal, stepping into a therapeutic musical arena to reflect on the struggles many have to endure when trying to make a better life for themselves. “Troubled Man” takes a stroll through many day to day scenarios in London town, as Ghetts narrates the never-ending tale of the ongoing cat and mouse game between the street kids and the police.

Although there are a number of guest names on hand with the potential to steal his thunder, Ghetts remains a step ahead of those on board. Whilst there will be those who will see his transition to an all round artist as ‘selling out’, the material with which Ghetts moves away from his Grime upbringing is solid and not as alien to his previous releases as expected. Even with the somewhat annoying Whoo Kid throwing in out-of-place shoutouts, Ghetts manages not to get caught up in the hype and delivers a mixtape to back up his early proclamations of being one of the Top 3 selected. Momentum is a fitting name for an artist whose current hot streak looks set to burn well into 2012.

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