Ghetts – The Calm Before The Storm | Mixtape Review

As urban/black pop music dominates the charts, many of the underground heroes of Grime also want a piece of this success. Emcees are trading in their Air Maxes, bars and scowls for boat shoes, sing-along choruses and smiles in the hope of reaching the wider audience. Whilst respect should be given to those daring to enter the wider race, one individual remains adamant that Grime’s credentials are enough for some recognition.

Ghetts has been one of the scene’s consistent performers; releasing numerous mixtapes and going bar for bar with some of the scene’s big hitters. But can his Calm Before The Storm project provide a blueprint for future (and past) stars of the scene as well as proving the doubters wrong who claim “Grime won’t pay a mortgage”?

Whilst the latter may seem impossible in the current economic climate, The Calm Before The Storm immediately gives the people what they want; pure Grime bangers with Ghetts’ ridiculous word play and flow in full effect. The opening track “Intro” provides a trademark murky riddim which Ghetts unleashes – schooling listeners on everything from collabos to his take on Grime guys dominating the charts with watered down material. Pure 140bpm vibes make up CBTS, with exceptional production provided by the likes of Z Dot, Rude  Kid and Nocturnal as well as bringing along a number of guests including fellow east London generals Dolla Da Dustman and Maxsta to help out.

Ghetts’ too-raw-for-daytime lyrics will scare away any listeners expecting a musical compromise, as tracks such as “Brainless”, “Job For You” and “Feel & Caress” really go in with the rawness. But the haunting, rapid compositions and Ghetts’ dark lyrics easily pass the bar for what can be considered as true Grime. “Artillery” and “Skadoosh” are tried-and-tested hits whilst “Grime Daily” is the unofficial theme song for a scene which continues to build itself up independently.

A Ghetts release is always anticipated by Grime fans due to his untiring efforts to truly reflect the scene and this mixtape reps hard – bringing unparalleled energy along with lyrics on end, The Calm Before The Storm is anything but calm. Filled with aggressive, bass abusing beats and Ghetts’ merciless delivery, this release highlights the quality which can be produced from one of the underground’s elite and somewhat justifies the frustrations Grime fans have when their music of choice is neglected for a safer version of it.

Ghetts has proven that true Grime can still deliver quality sounds – the question which should be asked is whether the people who care about Grime actually buy and support the music in question.

–Henry Yanney

The Calm Before The Storm is available to buy now via Amazon.

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