G.R.E.Ed.S & The Remedies – Ready | EP Review

With the stars of tomorrow putting in the graft from now, what they are currently hoping for is that their toils and grind result in a loyal fanbase which will follow them to fame. One of the more popular names in the live circuit is the rapper/poet G.R.E.Ed.S, whose easy on the ear wordplay is married with a nourishing blend of live instrumentals and session singers. The British-Nigerian artist offers up Ready, a collaborative effort with acclaimed live music act The Remedies. Is G.R.E.Ed.S able to make the smooth transition from the stage to the speakers? This EP intends to answer this question …

Bringing the live experience of a G.R.E.Ed.S performance to the five track audio stage, none of the rapper’s energy is lost in the transition. The intro track “Ready” is a blend of drums, bass and deep riffs giving the wordsmith the ammunition to fire some proclamations of being ready for the challenges ahead. Making full use of having a live band, G.R.E.Ed.S creates musical anarchy on “Riot”; a collision of a heavy rock production and rude boy swagger (courtesy of guests Haydn and Josh Idehen). Whilst its raucous arrangements will cater to the headbanging, moshing crowd, traditional fans of straight spitting may consider this track as the ‘escape to the bar moment’ (if it were in a live setting).

G.R.E.Ed.S – “Only Me”:

Still the down-tempo slow oozes back quickly; the seductive “Only Me” brings out the romance in the protagonist – poetically serenading a young woman with delicate words, massaging tones from vocalist Wilson and delicious saxophones. “Be Bold” is a snappy, toe tapping adventure where the poet and singer Dionne Reid movingly urge all to take a brave step into whatever troubles are ahead, whilst “There She Goes” captures the heart skipping moments of chance encounters with an enigmatic beauty.

G.R.E.Ed.S ft. Dionne Reid – “Be Bold” (Live):

The lyrical host of the EP possesses a boyish charm in his voice, but is still able to channel a tone which commands the respect of a seasoned wordsmith, which undoubtedly will capture the attention of poet laureates across the country. At times, narrations do sound clustered and get caught up in trying to hop between rap and poetry. Yet G.R.E.Ed.S’ sonnets of perseverance and passion will appease many, whilst the musical concoctions of The Remedies are the engine which drive Ready.

A solid, well-rounded project echoing a live set rather than a studio recording, G.R.E.Ed.S fully embraces the merits of live music and engaging storytelling on Ready which pays off with an impressionable project to champion the grassroots stage of musical success.

Ready is available on iTunes from December 4.