Fantasia – Back To Me | Album Review

It has only been approximately six years since Fantasia released her first album, however the American Idol has already been compared to some of the greatest singers of our time, such as Patti LaBelle and Aretha Franklin. With such a big voice, and the album doesn’t fail to bring us that with a collection of powerful, laid-back, soulful tracks.

With everything that has taken place in Fantasia’s personal life recently, the album seems to be a modest reflection of these recent trial and tribulations; a combination of raw passion, over-whelming emotion and could potentially create a strong position for Fantasia to start again and concentrate on the music. However, with this in mind, it makes it hard to listen to the album without conjuring up an image of her mental state/personal situation at the time it was written and recorded.

‘I’m Doin’ M’e is a marvelous track; sounding like it could have been written or sang by Mary J. Blige. Hinting at overcoming her past and the difficult situations in her life, it even has potential of becoming a woman’s anthem in the near future.

One of my favourite tracks of the album is old-school throwback ‘Collard Greens and Cornbread’, which samples “Your Precious Love”, the ’60s Motown hit by Marvin Gaye and Tammi Terrell. Fantasia comes off so natural on the track, you can easily picture her on a black & white TV, sashaying in a long glittery gown – Supremes style.

Within the first three seconds of ‘Teach Me’, you can’t help but be thrown back to flavours of Lauryn Hill or even Bob Marley. ‘Move on Me’ is full of heavy drum beats, trumpets, the full works, which however doesn’t take away from Fantasia’s infamous strong ‘raspy’ vocals.

The more radio-friendly tracks, ‘Man of The House’, ‘Falling in Love Tonight’ and ‘Who’s Been Lovin’ You’ are fantastic tracks but sound as though they could easily been recorded by fellow American Idol star Jennifer Hudson, almost making you earn for more ballads and stronger, emotionally connecting music from her and not the ‘fluffy’ stuff.

From ‘Bittersweet’, to the inspirational ‘Even Angels’, and the incredible vocal performances of ‘I’m Here’ and ‘The Worst Is Over’, the album, easily leaves you tingling with goosebumps and raised hairs on your neck, it’s impossible not to be emotionally moved or impressed by her.

Because of Fantasia’s recent troubles, the album seems to be full of raw passionate, honestly expressive and powerful, and it’s just unfortunate that she had to go through all she has to produce such an amazing album, but regardless of what you may think of her and her situation, the album is without a doubt incredible and has already received three Grammy Award nominations (Best R&B Song , Best Female R&B Vocal Performance, and Best R&B Album).

Back To Me is out now via J Records; iTunes US / UK Amazon US / UK.