Faith Evans x SWV @IndigO2attheO2, London | Live Review

Faith Evans’ gig at the IndigO2 in London on Sunday 5th December was perfectly timed to coincide with the release of her new album, Something About Faith. The 37 year old singer, with a career spanning around 18 years, was joined on tour by the popular ’90s formed R&B group SWV (Sisters With Voices).

SWV were received with such enthusiasm by the nostalgic and cheering crowd. When SWV performed their classic hits such as “I’m So Into You”, “Right Here/Human Nature” and “Weak”, the crowd, mainly female, threw their hands up in the air and sang at the top of their voices.

Although it was not a fully packed out venue, the crowd were eager to show their appreciation by packing in close to the front, especially to video their favourite track or to get the pic to put on Facebook or Twitter. They even cheered SWV on for an encore, which was humorously encouraged by the MC and planned as part of the show.

SWV’s performance was overall on point. With distinct voices, they lived up to the band’s name and then some! Cheryl Gamble, Tamara Johnson and Leanne Lyons all had their vocals tight and well rehearsed, they definitely pleased their fans.

A short DJ set by Adam J followed, which got the crowd going again, playing Biggie and other ’90s popular hip hop hits to remind the crowd why they were there.

When Faith Evans entered, there were no frills with the staging, sounds or even any dramatic lighting. It was a humble entrance for the artist, which seemed to compliment her overall performance and aura. Singing her heart out to many of her fans’ favourites and introducing a couple of new songs, she was fully aware of what the crowd wanted, and she definitely delivered.

Choosing a variety of ballads and upbeat tracks from her various albums, her set was extremely strong vocally. Most songs sounded like they were taken straight off her CDs – so precise. Even though it was her old songs which resonated with the fans the most, the few new tracks were sung with the same vocal enthusiasm and belted out with passion and soul, reminding us of her true talent. DJ Hurricane fit in to the set perfectly and played like a true musician, keeping up with any changes and keeping the crowd excited.

Overall, it was a great gig filled with nostalgia and great performances from both acts. 

Faith Evans’ new album, Something About Faith, is out now.

–Review and photos by Mala Vadgama @ MKV Photography

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