Ed Sheeran Live @ScalaLondon (Random Impulse supporting) | Live Review

Entering a packed out Scala on Wednesday July 6, the excitement in the air for Ed Sheeran’s biggest headline show to date was evident, with people of all different shapes, colours and sizes jostling for the best view of the stage.

Random Impulse warmed up the already excitable London crowd with his rock, rap hybrid. Opening the show with a burst of energy with tracks “Comfortable,” “Best Party Ever” and his first single “Overload,” the guitar players rocked back and forth while the Grime MC from North London belted out explosive raps. With heads peeping out from every balcony and corner of the massive venue, the crowd was extremely responsive, singing along when asked to and shouting out suggestions for tracks the likes of The White Stripes‘ “Fell in love with a girl,” which Random Impulse happily obliged.

Air almost literally crackling with anticipation chants of “We want Ed” echo around the venue, culminated by deafening screams when he is spotted making his way onto the stage. After thanking the crowd profusely a thumping bass line takes over for his first song of the night, ‘Grade A.’ Something supremely endearing lives in Ed, partly due to the fact that he is so humble, partly due to the excitement on his face, and partly due to the fact that he is so undeniably talented.

The crowd watch enthralled as he stands alone, center stage and sings his heart out. “I chose not to do this gig with a band, as it gets bigger and bigger it gets harder and harder to do it solo,” he explains.

Adding to the intimacy of the show, Ed takes pains to explain the story behind each of his songs, drawing you into his world and making each person in the crowd feel like they really belong there. They say writing is like opening a vein, and if there was ever any doubt to this Ed makes it feel profusely true. With meaningful, extremely personal lyrics, emotion expressed on his face and through his voice, the crowd are awestruck. Having watched Ed perform to a handful of people at iluvlive some eight months ago the transformation is beautiful to watch, proud eyes glistening from every corner of the venue, in particular from where his parents are stood, beaming.

In addition to performing his well known songs the likes of ‘UNI,’ ‘Homeless’ and ‘A Team’ (which the crowd sing along to word for word) Ed also plays several new tracks which will be on his album + set to be released September 12 (available for pre-order now). Asking the crowd to please not record these songs he bleeds emotion, metaphors bringing his words to life. Deeply affected the crowd lowers their recording devices in respect, couples fondling as the words of his latest love song sink in.

Breaking the spell Mikill Pane joins Ed on stage for his remix of ‘the A-Team,’ followed by ‘You Need Me,’ which was recently announced as his next single. Exiting the stage the crowd hold their ground and chant ‘Ed’ until he comes back, grabbing a stool and making his way into the center of the crowd. Unplugged and unamplified he performs a final three tracks amongst a sea of faces and camera phones. “For this to work keep calm, don’t scream, just listen to the music,” he urges the crowd before launching into an old Irish folk song, a Skinny Love cover and his “favourite song he’s ever written,” ‘Gimme Love.’

Making his way out of the crowd and out of sight, the night is over. But his lyrics let’s see what the future holds, because it’s another day closer ring true. The future seems extremely bright for the humble protagonist, and after a show like that one, it’s evident everyone is rooting for him to succeed.

Photo by Neil Raja

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