Diggy Simmons – Past Presents Future | Mixtape Review

The metaphorical ‘torch’ in Hip Hop has been passed from Hip Hop generation to Hip Hop generation. The lookout for the leaders of the new school never ceases for anybody, but ultimately, when a blood relative from Hip Hop royalty decides to take hold of the mic, cries of nepotism will always surface – that is until their first bars are spat.

Diggy Simmons, son of the legendary Rev Run, has impressed in his short time as an emcee, due in part to some solid mixtape performances and an appreciation of the golden eras of the genre. But if a co-sign from his father or any of the Simmons clan fails to convince, having an icon in DJ Premier host your mixtape just might be the catalyst to capture the attention of all. Primo steps back behind the decks to chop and cut up the Diggy’s third mixtape, which is made up fresh verses from the young NY rapper over some classic beats; some of which are even older than him.

The commanding voice of our host on the intro adds an air of importance to P.P.F, which fittingly leads into Diggy’s version on “Nas Is Like” (produced by Premier). Whilst even an established artist would sweat rhyming over the classic instrumental, Diggy keeps it lyrically sharp and tidy, without going overboard on the metaphors or the bragging. Even on the brilliant works of Keni Burke’s “Keep Rising To The Top” young Simmons’ lyrical maturity brings more satisfaction to a timeless record.

Without question, his beat choices are second to none. Freestyling over the likes of Mobb Deep’s “Shook Ones”, and “Electric Relaxtion” by A Tribe Called Quest, a majority of the mixtape’s appeal comes from these choices rather than Diggy’s lyrical reworkings being dominant. But Digg’s refreshing, youthful exuberance syncs well enough with the chosen tracks that its union proves fitting and makes for an enjoyable listen. Add to all of this some vintage DJ displays from Premier and Past Presents Future offers something for all.

Bearing in mind that Diggy Simmons is still only 15 years old, his projection of Hip Hop provides evidence of an artist in possession of much musical maturity with the potential to produce future timeless material. Past Presents Future is a solid unification of the past and the future, showcasing the calm, effortless delivery of Diggy Simmons over standout material from years past.

Diggy’s progress as a lyricist continues to develop at a steady pace, sounding more confident with each release along with his rhymes becoming more coherent and slicker. With another Hip Hop icon backing his campaign, Diggy Simmons may finally have all the mentors needed to shape him into the next rap phenomenon which the city of New York has needed for some time.

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