Deep Rooted – D.e.e.p.r.o.o.t.e.d. (Album Review)



Californian hip hop group Deep Rooted is made up of four creative minds and artists: Mr. Brady, Johaz, Brea and DJ Artistic who, together, form one of the greatest unsigned Hip Hop/Soul groups around.  Deep Rooted have shared the stage with other Hip Hop greats such as Wu Tang Clan, KRS-One, The Roots and many more.  Their music has also featured on a few X-Box and PlayStation video games; this group has proven that their potential to be much more than an underground act.

Their latest self-titled project was released January 7, 2009.  D.e.e.p.R.o.o.t.e.d. is full of what I would consider to be classics; the production is priceless, capturing the rawness that only true Hip Hop can offer. The lyrics remain real and street whilst Brea continues to bring her soulful vocals as she does on prior projects.

One thing I’ve always loved about Hip Hop is the ability it has to bring in other genres of music; in other words, I am still a fan of sampling. This album has two samples that blew me away, the first being ‘Billy Jean Theme’, which starts off with the original MJ bass line and then about 15 seconds in they flip it. The ride on this beat is a serious head nod.

A few tracks later they drop ‘XL’, featuring Killah Priest and Sha Dula, which samples vocals from ‘Darling Nikki’ by Prince. These two tracks alone demonstrate the innovation Deep Rooted has to bring to Hip Hop. So if you don’t know by now, be sure to check out Deep Rooted; they’re doing their part to keep hip hop alive and well.

D.e.e.p.R.o.o.t.e.d. is out now on Clear Label Records.

–Vaughan Jackson