Chase and Status – No More Idols | Album Review

A name which has brought some credibility and an edge to popular music is the electro production outfit Chase and Status. Composing outrageous breaks, beats and often teaming up with an array of underground (and the odd superstar) talents, the duo of Saul Milton and Will Kennard have up to this point destroyed many raves with their earth shattering compositions and off-the-wall anarchy which comes with their sound. The duo hope to build on their recent chart successes with a successful second album.

The more culturally diverse ‘No Problems’ is a wicked opener in which its mix of heavy dance beats and African drums serve as a gentle reminder of whats to come on No More Idols. Most known for their pummelling basslines and high-energy performances, Chase and Status in recent years have also become accustomed for fitting this formula into customary popular music, making it more accessible to audiences away from Liquid raves.

The tracks which instantly spring to mind which portray this are the singles ‘Blind Faith’ featuring Liam Bailey and the darker ‘Let You Go’ featuring Mali. Both display a well worked formula of emotive, stirring vocals which help to create anticipation to a huge crescendo which is slowly built up within the production.

No More Idols doesn’t depend on crafting cuts which works for everyone – the duo still offer their raucous anthems; roping in Dizzee Rascal to add further weight to the speaker blasting ‘Heavy’ as well as bringing the ruckus on ‘Hypest Hype’ featuring Grime’s Tempa T.

A fine chaotic mesh between rock, grime and dance make these songs instant favourites in any musical avenue it is played in and highlights how successful linkups between grime and various dance subgenres can be.

Undoubtedly the biggest collaboration on Chase & Status’ second album is bringing along the behemoth vocals of Mr Cee Lo Green on the dystopian-like ‘Brixton Briefcase’. The Lady Killer’s alarming cries heaps pain onto the furore induced single, providing one of the more memorable cameos.

Chase & Status ft. Cee Lo Green – “Brixton Briefcase”:

As expected, guest appearances come thick and fast on No More Idols, and whilst the previously mentioned guests do enhance the records, collaborations with The White Lies and Claire Maguire fail to ignite the tracks they appear on.

As well as providing gyms across the country with new material for their playlists, No More Idols is a solid compilation of infectious, riotous dance anthems which have a finese polish to them which will generate mainstream appeal.

Chase & Status once again embrace the standardised four minute timeframe for tracks and fill it with sporadic bleeps, sinister riffs and double bass, which in all creates the ideal album rejecting the cheese infused Europop which has suffocated much output of recent times. An album to find favour from fans of different tastes, Chase & Status’ No More Idols easily clears the ‘difficult second album’ hurdle.

No More Idols is out now via Mercury Records. Purchase from Amazon / iTunes.

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