Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights | EP Review

With each guest appearance and release, Carlitta Durand’s fanbase grows steadily within the neo soul and jazz crowds as well as within the West Coast Hip Hop circuit. The 26 year old brings a further dimension to each project she has been on, leading to much longing for a full-on project from her following.

Possessing a silky voice made for night-time grooves, the North Carolina native became the talk of many music blogs when in 2009 when she dropped her impressive Doug & Patty EP, made up of delicious soulful R&B, set to the theme of the Nickelodeon/Disney cartoon Doug. As 2010 slowly came to an end, Ms Durand offered some more free goodness in the form of Nostalgic Nights, which should continue her elevation to becoming a globally recognised talent.

As the title suggests, Nostalgic Nights is compiled of tranquil productions which are caressed by Carlitta’s captivating, airy vocals. The title track introduces the EP as its beautiful haunting score is accompanied by Durand’s hypnotic voice. From jazzy compositions to neo soul grooves, the tracks on offer are made for the midnight hour and blend soothingly one after the other, with not one being out of place.

Rather than lush babymaking themes, Carlitta Durand glides through love, heartbreak, reflection and overcoming adversities. “icarli” offers seductive, jazzy surroundings, “Peace” is constructed of Carlitta’s stirring vocal display with heavy beats and more serene vibes whilst slick Hip Hop grooves take centre stage when Carlitta and Madame Sabrosa talk relationship matters on “Occupied”.

Nostalgic Nights is another short and sufficient free offering from Carlita Durand. Although the mood sits inbetween melancholy and seduction, it nevertheless provides a warm, amorous feeling throughout the entirety of the release as Durand’s bluesy vocals engulf the chilled productions on hand.

Serving up a reminder of classic blues and soul offerings from the likes of D’Angelo and Jill Scott,, Carlitta’s distinctive vocal range provides enough evidence that an LP release from the former Foreign Exchange collaborator would evoke similarly sublime vibes. Consistent in her output, Ms Durand continues to provide enriched, soulful helpings of R&B which should keep the nostalgic dwellers on end for some time.

DOWNLOAD: Carlitta Durand – Nostalgic Nights EP

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