Big Sean – Finally Famous | Album Review

With Mr West focusing his energy on shutting down festivals and working on the impending Jay-Z collaborative effort, a vacancy has arisen in the G.O.O.D Music camp to take the musical baton and run with it. Of the array of young and old talent within the ranks, it’s the Detroit young lion Big Sean who carries the most momentum and concludes his Finally Famous series with the highly anticipated album. With an abundance of swagger, an ever growing following plus a legendary producer handling the beats, Sean hopes to emulate some of this superstar labelmates whilst establishing his unique styling in the process.

A flamboyant, confident performer, Big Sean’s charisma undoubtedly would radiate throughout a majority of tracks. The lead single ‘My Last’ featuring Chris Brown is an exuberant affair toasting the newly found good. Serving as a solid promotional track, its groovy pianos and claps make for the ideal fodder for teen fans and more.

What intrigued a majority of elder Hip Hop fans was that acclaimed Chicago producer No I.D. would handle a majority of the album’s production credits. As expected the veteran beatmaker doesn’t disappoint, as his well-crafted soundscapes suit the numerous guises of Sean. Bringing out the carefree middle finger to the world persona on ‘I Do It,’ No I.D. brings a trill and sinister composition on which the young hotshot gets foul over a bouncy offering, whilst on ‘So Much More’ I.D. conjures up a warm, Midwest soul composition, presenting the rapper a chance to reflect on his achievements.

Big Sean’s nonchalant, Midwest drawl is smooth and polished and whilst his content may not tread into new and interesting waters, lyrically he still maintains solid performances. The anticipated collaboration with Kanye West does occur on ‘Marvin Gaye and Chardonnay’ alongside Roscoe Dash, which produces a heavy hitting anthem, thanks to slick, Playboy rhymes and its raucous production. Whilst No I.D.’s beats help boost Sean’s rhymes that extra bit, the D Town boy still excels on the Neptunes-produced ‘Get It’ and the spaced out, high as hell ‘High’ featuring Wiz Khalifa and Chiddy Bang.

G.O.O.D Music may have unearthed their all-round star in Big Sean. With Pusha T bringing it to the streets and Kanye the mass media, the former XXL Freshman mixes mainstream appeal with an edge which make him more than just the pretty boy rapper of the stable. Big Sean’s debut album is a satisfactory mix of lavish boasting, new school spirit which is backed by seasoned vets and caps off the successful series of Finally Famous releases. With much room for improvement, nevertheless Big Sean’s grand introduction to the wide world will certainly cause a commotion in all avenues.

Big Sean – Finally Famous
Released: June 29
Label: Def Jam
Buy: Amazon UK / Amazon US

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