Bei Maejor – Upside Down | Mixtape Review

The hybrid rapper/singer genre has really been around for some time now but in more recent months, Hip Hop’s golden boy Drake took the format and ran it to success [or to the ground if you’re sick of it now]. The latest jack of all trades to join the race is Bei Maejor, hoping to whip both guys and girls into a frenzy with his all-encompassing talents. His debut mixtape Upside Down, hosted by Clinton Sparks, aims to catapult producer/singer/rapper/songwriter Maejor into the major leagues of the music industry – hoping not to fall into the crack of mastering none of his aforementioned abilities.

The airy, atmospheric “End Of The Night” opens Upside Down, with Maejor’s notes serenading the night time vibes.

Unfortunately, the track sounds like a rehash of a number of existing artists [namely Lloyd and Drake], so any thought of a ‘wow factor’ to open the mixtape is lost. What then follows are a mix-up of gutter club tracks, seductive songs and 16’s from the Detroit native.

“Gone” proves successful with Maejor taking charge on a noteworthy R&B composition, whilst “Kisses In The VIP” provides a typical love-in-the-club scenario but comes off fairly well. When singing Bei Maejor is passable – however, when rapping on tracks there isn’t anything which jumps out as being spectacular. “Order What U Want” hits the average mark and the “Barbershop Talk” concept works although lacking in material (although the use of the “Love Theme” instrumental on “She Was” is decent).

Hooking up with the likes of Drake (on “July” Part 2), Trey Songz (“Drinks On Me”) and Keri Hilson (“Gamez“) adds some necessary star appeal and in truth, is much needed as Bei Maejor’s presence as an artist isn’t fully defined on Upside Down.

For a debut mixtape, it makes for a fair attempt; 13 songs which see him go back and forth between the R&B golden child to the young, hungry spitter. Upside Down feels like a testing ground, in which Bei Maejor feels his way around the various avenues which he could pursue in future. Sounding all too familiar as a crooner and lacking some bite as a rapper, Maejor’s efforts can be applauded but may have to wait until the debut album to convince everyone of his true ability.

–Henry Yanney

Upside Down is available now: click to download.

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